Emotions, wishes, thoughts and an inner need all these to be expressed.

Art dolls, intricately convey an aspect of feelings. Unique and delicate, their vulnerablty encourages strong emotional response while prompts life’s playful innocence.

I love making dolls because the process is so creative and challenging. There is no limit on mediums to use and no limit at techniques to combine… design, sculpturing, painting, textile, hairstyling and not only.

But most important there is no limit on the feelings to catch.


All my dolls are “One of a Kind” sculpted in every detail and painted entirely by hand. No molds have been used during their process and no molds have been produced out of them.

I play with high quality polymer clay, paper clay, fine acrylic paints, mohair hair, natural hair, liquid glass for the eyes, steel wire for the armature and different medium for decoration. In each piece of clay I give shape and carve the lines, that will highlight the image I have in my mind and the expression I want to convey. 

All creations are made with love and attention to the detail. They are signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

If you have any questions about my artworks please contact me.  I will be glad to reply.

Thank you for visiting and hope to enjoy.

Ioanna Paraskeva


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