Hesperia…or Hesparethusa (sunset glow) following the Greek Mythology. Nymph of Golden Sunset Light given the task to tend the tree of immortality at the garden of Hesperides.

Inspired by the Myth of The Garden of Hesperides.

The Hesperides in Greek mythology were the nymphs of the sunset. The Garden of the Hesperides is Hera’s orchard in the west, in the middle of which a single apple tree grows, producing golden apples that grant immortality when eaten. The tree planted from the fruited branches that Gaia gave to Hera as a wedding gift when Hera accepted Zeus. The Hesperides were given the task of tending the tree, but occasionally picked apples from it themselves. Not trusting them, Hera also placed in the garden a never-sleeping, hundred-headed dragon named Ladon as an additional safeguard.

A golden apple that was taken from the Garden of the Hesperides was what eventually caused the Trojan War; Eris, goddess of discord, managed to steal an apple from the garden, inscribed the words “To the fairest” and threw it amidst the goddesses that attended at a wedding she was not invited to. The apple was then given by Paris, prince of Troy, to Aphrodite, who promised to give him Helen as his wife, thus triggering the events of the Trojan War.

The Hesperides and their Garden were also one of the tasks that were given to Heracles by  Eurystheus.

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